Las Vegas Big Rig/Semi Trucks Attorney

Las Vegas has grown from a cowboy town to an exciting city in the United States.
In order to support the growth of Las Vegas, it is essential for large courier vehicles such as rigs, semi trucks, diesels and eighteen wheelers to travel our roadways. Also traveling our highways and interstates are concrete trucks and other heavy load commercial vehicles. Along with traffic and construction zones these factors become a recipe for disaster.

When a diesel vehicle collides with an ordinary vehicle, the results of such an accident are often life altering injuries and or death. Victims who survive a big rig accident may require occupational therapy and experience memory loss, immobile, requiring in home care, missing out on true quality of life.  Many commercial vehicles as diesel vehicles, construction tricks, eighteen wheelers and all big rig vehicles are required to obtain a one million dollar insurance policy.

Various law firms and attorneys insist on the one million dollar policy without fully understanding how these large insurance policies may unfold. Although a million dollars sounds and appears like substantially a lot of money; in reality it may only get you through about a year worth of medical bills and treatment. This means leaving your family with the burden of paying your future treatment and medical expenses.

Many commercial vehicles carry insurance policies exceeding a million dollars. The insurance company may not reveal that, but it is the attorneys’ job to be experienced and knowledgeable to be able and obtain more then what the insurance company is offering. Many inexperienced attorneys are unable to see and work beyond the one million dollar policy.

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